Ensor, Maestro

Kom op tegen kanker charity concert
Friday April 26th 2024
Bozar Brussel, Henry LeBoeuf (première)
Wednesday May 1st 2024
Kursaal, Oostende, concertzaal
08:00 PM - 09:15 PM
(no intermission)


ConceptLa Volta
CuratorsDirk Brossé
Xavier Tricot
Artistic directionDirk Brossé
ConductorDirk Brossé
OrchestraFlanders Festival Orchestra & Ataneres
ConcertmasterNicolas Dupont
Solo trumpetAndrei Kavalinski
SopranoLiza Dedapper
PhotographyBenny Degrove
GraphicsDieter Allaerts
VideoartistsDieter Allaerts
Wim Dickens
for Elwood
Director of photographyMatthias De Roy
TourmanagerKevin Cornelis
Special thanksXavier Tricot
Raf De Backer

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To accompany the unique exhibition James Ensor, Maestro at Bozar, Kom op tegen Kanker will present a special concert inspired by the exhibition on April 26th.

Ensor can be considered as a pioneer of the avant-garde style of the early 20th century. Besides being a painter, etcher and draughtsman, he was also an enthusiastic musician and composer.

Composer/ conductor Dirk Brossé has been fascinated by the Ostend artist for years. In this concert, Brossé and the Flanders Festival Orchestra paint music over imposing video projections of Ensor’s work, and complemented by original video fragments. Ensor’s frivolous, theatrical, sometimes sad and wry art is full of faces hidden behind colourful masks. Brossé translated the unknown emotions behind this masquerade into surprising symphonic music choices.

Lika a burlesque pageant, the program moves from classical to modern, from intimate to grotesque, with occasionally small excerpt from Ensor’s compositions. Ensor, Maestro promises to be an intriguing evening, a musical masquerade where painting and music get into a reinforcing and challenging dialogue.


For many, art is a source of well-being and comforting in difficult times. Music can change our view of the world, gives us inner strength and improves the quality of life.

At Kom op tegen Kanker we are proud to be charity partners of this concert.

In collaboration with Kom op tegen Kanker, Ensorhuis and Klara. A production with the support of the Belgian Tax Shelter for the performing arts.